Sanitizing Granite Countertops Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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Sanitizing Granite Countertops Amid COVID-19 Crisis

  • March 22, 2021
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It is extremely important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones during the current global viral pandemic. As this deadly virus has taken many lives all over the world, it is becoming increasingly necessary to disinfect our homes regularly, as precautionary measures. Sanitizing countertops is essential and not a very complex task. As granite is porous, the liquids can store inside the countertops which can imprint unwanted stains on them. Other countertops, such as marble and limestone are easier to sanitize, comparatively. However, there is not much to worry about as following are some tips that can help in sanitizing these countertops.

Washing granite countertops regularly:

As soon as something falls upon a granite slab, it should get cleaned immediately as this can halt the liquid or dirt from entering the porous surface. The granite countertops must be washed several times a day, ensuring that they do not suffer any scratches or stains. They can get conveniently washed with a sponge and warm soapy water, without putting in much effort. These countertops must be dried as soon as they are washed.

Most effective ways of sanitizing granite countertops:

Washing the granite countertops daily might become a tough and complex job, therefore, the correct disinfectant must be used to keep these countertops safe and clean. To sanitize the countertops, a spray could be used which contains isopropyl rubbing alcohol to at least 70 percent. It should remain on the countertop for a couple of minutes so it can kill germs.

The countertop should be washed in bits so the entire surface is cleaned properly. The disinfectant can be poured out in a jar or bottle to make it easy for cleaning purposes. The alcohol should not be mixed up with other liquids, even water as it can make it less effective to kill germs.

Using dishwashing detergent or antibacterial detergent as an alternative for isopropyl rubbing alcohol can prove to be effective, as well, as they can also kill germs that are present on the countertops. Water that is used for washing purposes should be warm and the cloth that is used must be soft so that the granite countertops are cleaned properly.

Cleaning materials that should be kept away:

Many homeowners have made the mistake of using sanitizing wipes on granite slabs which have proved to be damaging for these slabs. The sanitizing wipes contain acids in them that must be avoided on granite surfaces as they can leave long-lasting marks on the slabs. The colour of the slabs can also fade as a result, as the seal upon the slabs can become less effective, debilitating it. Disinfecting wipes are widely available in stores but must not be used on these types of countertops. Though the slabs can easily be covered with seals again, it adds to the expenses of the homeowners as money is spent on new seals and their installation.

All these precautionary measures are convenient to follow and must be repeated at least twice or thrice a week by homeowners to keep their homes protected. is a Granite vanity fabricator and installer in Montreal with cost-effective charges. Directly reaches us by clicking at this link:

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