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  • August 15, 2022
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Many individuals love to add a warm look and the rich, different surface of natural wood to their homes. For that reason wood has been a well-known decision in kitchen countertopsfor a long time. Mortgage holders frequently pick wood just to make their unmistakable look. If you are searching for more grounded and enduring material choices for your home yet with a similar ravishing look and style of wood, granite countertops may very well be what you need.

Wood-looking granite countertops offer options in contrast to wood with a similar style and excellence with negligible support, decreased cost, and all the more long-haul sturdiness. The following are three sorts of granite with a wood-like appearance.

Sequoia Brown Granite

This Brazilian granite is known for its delightful black veining entwined among astonishing examples of brown and dim. The novel shades of this stone make it an extraordinary option in contrast to wood countertops. This delightful natural granite stone can undoubtedly improve the general look of your home.

White Thunder Granite

This granite displays light dim groups alongside seldom happening patches and streaks in dull brown and dim tones on its surface, almost looking like wood. This granite additionally looks shocking when utilized in huge inside spaces, and it could highlight outside floors and walls.

Whirlwind Granite

Whirlwind granite has an exciting mix of a black foundation with an example of yellow, gold, dull brown, and burgundy. This delightful example streams all through the stone, going with it an incredible decision for a restroom vanity, kitchen countertop, and different other home surfaces. Assuming that you are searching for a granite countertop that impeccably looks like wood, whirlwind granite is a brilliant decision.

Why should you choose Granite Over Wood?

The staggering look and warm feel of wood are essentially difficult to contrast and some other kitchen countertop material. However, there are a few critical downsides of utilizing wood, particularly in the unforgiving climate of the kitchen.

The primary point is that wood requires a great deal of care. Without legitimate consideration, wood countertops can be all the more immediately harmed by spills and day-to-day misuse of an ordinary kitchen counter perseveres. Granite countertops, then again, give a more strong arrangement as they are impervious to scratching, chipping, and breaking. Assuming that any chip or break ends up happening, granite countertops are somewhat simple to fix, contingent upon the seriousness of the harm.

Water harm can likewise be a worry with wood. If your wood countertops are not fixed as expected, water that sits on a superficial level for a long time will start to saturate the wood. Shape and microbes issues can likewise create on the off chance that the appropriate sealant isn't added. With granite, you don't need to stress a lot over water harm and microscopic organisms issues.

Getting Your Granite Countertops

Thus, presently you know about the choices that are accessible assuming that you need a countertop material that is more grounded but has a similar look to natural wood.

Granite functions admirably for kitchen countertops and in any event, for washroom utility tops. The key is to find experienced experts who will appropriately introduce and seal them. To examine picking granite with a wooden look, reach us and we'll very much love to respond to your inquiries. We can likewise help you plan and execute your kitchen countertops from beginning to end.

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