The Essential Guide on Granite Countertops

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The Essential Guide on Granite Countertops

  • Feb 26, 2022
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One of the major purchases made by homeowners when renovating a kitchen is countertops, and although there are several options, granite remains one of the most common materials on the market. Granite is long-lasting, low-maintenance, and comes in a multitude of colours and designs. The prices, quality, and collection vary from outlet to outlet. The good news for homebuyers and designers in Montreal is that Countertops4less is offering its fabrication and installation all over the city for the highest quality and high-end granite countertops. Countertops4less is an experienced and well-known name in the city that is a master in its job, having installed thousands of granite countertops in Montreal. Outstanding customer service is the promise of Countertops4less, and once you choose us to make your kitchen a perfect haven, you will never regret it!

There are two major indicators for the price of Granite; the first being the stone's scarcity and the second being the origin from where the stone comes. Countertops4less imports the best quality and most amazing granite from several parts of the world to give its customers the most alluring and durable collection. The price of these countertops might be a bit more than engineered countertops such as quartz, and other natural stone countertops due to these factors.

The most economical sections of our inventory are called "Single Blue" and "Double Blue" on your estimate. The pattern of granite in this budget is mostly the same, but on the contrary, there are a variety of shades to choose from. The extensive colour list ranges from creamy shades of beige, and brown to brighter and darker hues of black, grey, and green.

Santa Cecilia, a light beige stone with bursts of purple, burgundy, gold, and black, is one of our favourite granites in the blue price category at Granite4less. On the other hand, the Uba tuba possesses a beautiful dark green backdrop with gold, brown, and black speckles. Fiorito White is a fluffy white slab that has foundations of black and brown speckling.

These stone options are common among contractors in both residential and commercial applications because they are robust and flexible, and they can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor projects. These slabs possess a thickness of around 0.75” to 1.25”. They are not very pricey as they are priced between $32 to $45.

The Silver price group is a bit pricey that ranges from $45 to $65, however, it is worth the price. Kitchen countertops and islands, vanity tops and Jacuzzis, fireplace surrounds, and hearths are all examples of projects that use stones in this price range. Since slabs vary from shipment to shipment, it's crucial to visit the stone yard to determine which slab will be produced to meet your project's requirements.

The following are our top picks in this price range: Colonial Gold is a reasonably consistent stone with occasional movement, that possesses tones of lighter shades such as beige, grey, and white. African Galaxy is a black stone with little white specks all over it, and Kashmir White is a light grey stone with dark grey and beige veining and burgundy speckles.

All the above-mentioned colours might have left you all awestricken. The most fascinating part is that Countertops4less has all these colours available with it, and we are all geared up to give a worthwhile experience to our beloved customers. is a Granite vanity fabricator and installer in Montreal with cost-effective charges. Directly reaches us by clicking at this link:

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